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Grand National Winner Don't Push It 2010

Grand National Winner Don't Push It 2010
Very few race fans were actually surprised to see Tony McCoy easily win the 2010 Grand National atop the talented Don’t Push It. Even though Denis O’Regan’s fruitlessly pursuing Black Apalachi had kept a better position in the preliminary lengths, this long-distinguished jockey maintained a covertly close chase every inch of the way. Finally, as the pair bolted breathlessly closer to the winning line, McCoy unbelievably galvanized his strong-willed mount to a jubilant finish! 

The relief showed on the cheerful hero’s face simply told it all…The veteran jockey couldn’t mask his excitement as thousands of race fans cheered their congratulations on the densely populated sidelines. Whereas the ferociously tussling pair had appeared equally capable of winning a few moments before, it was indeed an exponentially amazing spectacle for the consummate champion to astonishingly manage a five-length difference. 

State of Play was lucky enough to earn a definitely estimable third place, effectively hot on the heels of the two giants who galloped ahead. Paul Moloney, despite his having fallen short of the top prize, had again enjoyed a not-so-bad finish, scooping a relatively modest £98,235. The fourth and the fifth position were claimed by the Barry Geraghty/ Big Fella Thanks and Sam Twiston-Davies /Hello Bud, in that exact order. The sensibly hard-fighting twosome ultimately pocketed a worthy £49,117 and £24,605 respectively. 

It was a tremendously lucky round for the notorious gambler JP McManus, who had for many past years looked forward to a tiptop Aintree exploit, repeatedly without any strictly notable success unlike when online gambling, up to that epochal sporting season when fortune’s tables turn to his absolute favor. Lastly, McManus apparently quenched his oft-confessed craved desire for a tiptop Aintree performance that he had been so fruitlessly pursuing in numerous other Grand National meets for well over a decade or so before. 

There was also the modestly trying Nina Carbery, laboriously steering the energetic Character Building, probably in the wild hope of somehow writing history as the first-ever female rider to win the Grand National. She didn’t achieve her goal, in the end. Finishing a distant 7th position, and thus slightly outrun by the sixth-ranking Snowy Morning, the hard-working jockey perhaps merely ended up giving herself an only slightly motivating reason to give the same cut-throat chase a more vigorous stab in the coming years! 

Also dismally trailing the foremost pack was the previous year’s winner - Mon Mome – who would have seemingly pulled off some remarkable record, were it not for a 26th-fence misfortune that saw the commendably spirited horse suffer an abrupt fall…a rather momentum-curtailing slip-up that instantly favored faster-sprinting gallopers obliviously dashing past the luckless contestant. Otherwise, the great contender’s earlier looked excellent enough to grant them some glittering award at any rate. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t have been anything really as glamorous as the enviable jackpot of £521,052 that the unbeaten McCoy proudly carried home.

In addition, the openly ecstatic McCoy confessed that he was being a real big ‘wuss’… He subsequently admitted that the just-attained milestone was a well-timed breakthrough. Arguably one of the very finest jockeys in the world, he averred that his not having enjoyed a resounding Aintree conquest would have enormously tainted his otherwise colorful CV in the main. And this actually sounds convincingly a spot-on assertion for the vastly celebrated jockey who has formerly bagged dozens other high-profile trophies in likewise noteworthy races.

Incalculably encouraged by the great performance, the widely revered racing icon expressed delight that his mother and father would consequently feel highly elated like  visiting by his new Grand National milestone that seemed unlikely to happen after so many attempts. Again, McCoy was as well overjoyed that his darling wife, Chanelle, and his two-and-a-half-old daughter (Eve) would be evenly thrilled by the same inimitable attainment. 

Still excited by the historic colorful finish, the rapturous winner chest-thumped that he hoped his little daughter would grow up fully reassured of her great father’s standing as an internationally acclaimed equine sportsman. At the same time, the Grand National virtuoso generously thanked his astute trainer for having come up with the bizarre, yet clever idea of tossing a coin to decide the best horse to take to the annual championships. 

On her part, the freshly vitalized proud Chanelle McCoy was literally all smiles, after her hubby’s first-rate record in the year’s foremost racing event. She pleasingly expressed kudos to not only her profoundly industrious spouse but also extended her congratulations to the other exceptionally supportive folks in the winning blend. These featured guys such as McManus and Jonjo and Jacqui (O’Neill); mainly for what she fittingly described as a truly “fantastic achievement”.

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