Thursday 20 February 2020

Bob's Worth Inimitable Racing Career - 2013 Cheltenham Gold Cup & Other Notable Sporting Exploits

A rare record graced Bob's Worth's glistering gaming career after winning the extensively coveted Gold Cup 2013 title. The unassailable champion became the very first racing star to bag a consecutive string of three Cheltenham wins since the unbeatable Flyingbolt in the 1960s. It was such a thrilling moment - as the helplessly ecstatic multitudes roared their deafening cheers, and as the victory-smelling trailblazer gained momentum to pass Sir Des Champs and Long Run close to the final fence, with adequate tenacity still left to outdistance the two rivals by a whopping 7 lengths. Just as the proud rider remarked, the indefatigable winner proved to be such a truly brave and professional horse - an outstanding gold medalist of real unparalleled repute.
It was such an immensely happy moment for trainer Nicky Henderson as his horse came out as the overall best in a widely viewed Betfred Cheltenham Gold Cup, with an equally successful stablemate Long Run emerging third in the same globally famous mete. This godsend breakthrough came even as the remarkably celebrated gamer was marking his 50th year of unparalleled racing stardom. The internationally revered training maverick praised Barry Geraghty ever so profusely for having patiently but skillfully ridden the star-studded victor to such a breathtaking record-breaking finish.
The decisive performance was, however, a near miracle, according to a tearfully delighted Geraghty who confessed to having sensed a possible decline in his mount mid-way the course. In fact, the successful showing was attributable to his skillful management of the winner's apparently diminished energy throughout the colorful sprint, the title-emboldened rider said, amid cheers from thousands of congratulating fans.
Held on 15 March 2013, this was the 85th annual running of the Cheltenham Gold Cup horse race. Just as the name already tellingly suggests, the electrifying event was held at Cheltenham Racecourse, an enduring tradition that has continued for numerous years ever since the decade-old yearly function's first staging. It featured a total of nine horses - out of whom the 11/4 favorite Bobs Worth emerged the overall winner. The second and third places were grabbed by Sir Des Champs and Long Run(also trained by Henderson) respectively. The outstandingly colorful tournament was broadcast on channel 4 throughout the UK and Ireland.
Foaled on 21st May in 2005, the Irish-bred but British-trained racehorse is now considered to be among the most gifted thoroughbreds in the entire annals of English equestrian gaming fraternity. Having also emerged top in the Albert Bartlett Novices' Hurdle in 2011, the newly crowned champion is an indisputably formidable figure throughout Europe and beyond. Additionally, the gallant star outdid several other equally endowed runners to attain gold in the RSA Chase in 2012, thus making him the first-ever lucky mount since Flyingbolt in the 1960s to clinch three different races of intercontinental interest. The star-decorated sensation also bagged the globally famed Hennessy Gold Cup at Newbury within the same racing period. Although he was painstakingly trained by the now-doubly-happy Nicky Henderson, Bobs Worth still remains under the proud ownership of the Not Afraid Partnership.
The legendary winner began his racing career during the 2009/10 sporting phase, the National Hunt season. Participating in two notable meets, he grabbed the top position in one while emerging second in the other, both at Kempton Park. The gold-seeking sporting icon followed this up with a deserved victory at Cheltenham. Ridden by this very capably seasoned jockey - Barry Geraghty - the naturally lucky horse went ahead to win a two and a half hurdle tournament at Cheltenham, at the same venue where he made history on 15th March 2013.
Already emboldened by the yesteryear's commendable performances in various racetrack events, the intensely admired 11/4 favorite entered the heavily contested Cheltenham Gold Cup tournament. According to the unanimous views expressed by some respected commentators and equestrian sporting pundits, Bobs Worth appeared quite unlikely to beat other tough-fighting racing giants since he looked somehow hampered at the third fence - still an estimated 8 lengths behind Long Run. While the actual gallops and magical hops that actually followed after this clearly unfavorable juncture remain subject the varying opinions and conjectures of keen spectators, it was extremely unbelievable for all to finally see Geraghty outdistance Sir Des Champs by a whole 7 lengths to earn a third consecutive Cheltenham title.
A bay gelding bred and nurtured by Mrs. L Eadie, Bobs Worth's dam was dubbed Fashionista - a daughter of George VI favorite champion King's Theatre. The internationally recognized champ is also closely related to Burton Port and Bob Back - both spectacularly talented participants in various top-cadre tourneys such as Epsom Derby and Supreme Novices' Hurdle. Again, the 2013 title winner is also a close relative of Roberto - the extensively remembered earner of 1972 Epsom Derby championships. Going by the foregoing genealogical highlights, it seems abundantly clear that the experienced gamer has in their most innate genetic canyons all it takes to outrun even the most unforgiving of his racecourse competitors.
Unlike other racers that slump into near oblivion after a glimmering sporting bout, Bobs Worth has continued to post extraordinarily colorful results after his 2015 Cheltenham breathtaking feat. For instance, the timeless hero struck a rare seasonal debut in the Betfair Chase - held at Haycock Park Racecourse in November, the same year. Starting as a 15/8 favorite in a particularly tough contest featuring longstanding luminaries such as Silviniaco Conti, Tidal Bay, and Long Run. However, the already world-lauded star was not in his best form. Consequently, Geraghty eased him down and maintained a comparatively moderate speed, eventually finishing sixth. At this placement, the remarkably unfit Bobs stood a total of 40 lengths behind Cue Card - the title-clinching horse.
Bob's steadily shining gaming skill remained inextinguishable even throughout the 2015/16 racing season. Specifically, the sensational runner enjoyed a successful start of his novel campaign in the Betfred Hurdle on 7th November 2015, effectively reestablishing his diminished standings after being expelled as the outsider of 5 runner field. This laudable achievement was Bob's first participation in hurdles meet after a show-stopping victory at the 2011 Cheltenham Festival. What's even more enthrallingly commendable is the fact that the brave sporting idol remained unbeaten until he came third during the World Hurdle at the 2016 Cheltenham Festival.